Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby Fever

I don't get baby fever with infants.
I love to hold them, cuddle with them, rock them . . . . I do love them but baby fever doesn't follow those moments.
But put me around a 6 month old on up to just around 2 and I get the fever.
I miss those little sounds.
The sound of kids learning to talk.
The expressions - they all have their own way of communicating with you.
I miss those smunchy munchy faces.
Yes I said that.
I have two nieces that are in that age range and they are adorable.
I would love to take these girls for the day - just them and Aunt Nicole.
I'm thinking we'd have some good laughs.
Maybe that's why I love that stage - you can't be around them without chuckling.
Just look at them.

Miss Olive and Miss Campbell

One is touching the bug and one is appalled. Ha!

Then there's this little guy - Canyon.
Seriously his hair is amazing.
This is the oldest and youngest grandkid on my side of the family.
Ian really liked holding him.
As wild as my crew can be there soft side comes out around babies - it's fun to see.

If you can over look the weird fat thing my face is doing I love this picture.  I can't hold him without getting my face to those cheeks.
Those years are gone with my kids (sniff sniff).
I do miss them - it was CrAzY but I still can make myself laugh thinking of any one of my kids during that 18 month stage.
Priceless times.

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Hayley said...

All the kiddos are darling! My Tabor friends make cute kids!

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