Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just a Few More

Just a few more pictures of our July 4th trip.

We didn't do any boating so the we took the kids to swim in the lake one day but the water was so high from the flooding up north that the beaches were completely gone.
It was gross.
We found a safe spot to play for 10 minutes or so but that was all we could handle.

Pool Girls.
They are only a year a part. They had a blast together.
We were trying to imagine them in 10 years.
Oh my.

 A hiking trail in our back yard made for some good rock finding.

 A dip in the pool was a must every day.

Miss Avery

 The girls helped me with a 4th of July desert from Family Fun Magazine.
Strawberries dipped in white melted chocolate then dipped in blue sprinkles.
Fun/Easy/Quick and Yummy

Lots of outside fun.

Not sure what the conversation is but it looks serious.
My guess is they are deciding if she can play or IF she does play who she'll be.

A little baseball and a few simple fireworks.

 It was a great weekend.
Thanks Glanzer family - I'm glad I'm in the fam!


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Kimberlee said...

All these fun times make me wish I was a Glanzer right now! :)

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