Saturday, July 16, 2011


This post should be called AVOIDANCE.
I'm avoiding what I need to be doing.
I need to pack for a conference/retreat Jas & I are going to.
Yep I said Jas & I.
No kids.
It's going to be nice.
We'll hang with some ministry friends.
We'll make some new ministry friends.
It will be awesome to chat about all the stages of ministry people are in.
These are places where one feels like people "get you" because they've walked a similar journey or are walking a similar journey.
Many of us are passionate about the very same things.
I'm excited for this time for so many reasons.
Did I mention we board a plane without kids?
However, I really do LOVE flying with my kids and it's been awhile.
They used to be pros.
I always wished I had them on video when they'd all walk through the security check points and would each take their backpack with embroidered name on it, put it through the screener, take off their shoes, walk through, pick up their back pack, put back on their shoes, and strap that backpack on and take off walking.
Black, Blue, Red, and Purple matching mini Nike backpacks . . . . nothing cuter.

Instead of packing I did 100 other things today.
Some that really needed to be done like mow the lawn and finish all the laundry.
Oh and feed my kids.
Other stuff wasn't really a have to, like swimming, but it sure felt good.

So yesterday I did a crazy thing.
I needed a new swimsuit top.
I went with all four kids.
I don't even like shopping for swimsuits without kids so I was sort of dreading this.
I asked my friend that morning if I was crazy and she said without a moment hesitation, "Yes you are Crazy!"
She's a "crazy mom" too so we laughed.
While driving to the mall it got me thinking.
My life has always been crazy.
I can't remember when it wasn't crazy.
When your gene pool doesn't give you calm, introverted children and when you choose to have more than one child from that same gene pool life gets crazy.
Sometimes Many times the crazy drives me insane.
But 90% of the time I do love it.
Give me a crazy life over a boring life any day.
Of course I'm saying that while sitting here day dreaming about the line in an email for this conference we are going to that said, "Life moves slower here. So prepare yourself to slow down."
I hope I can fulfill that statement and actually slow down.

Back to the swimsuit shopping. . .
Believe it or not the first top I tried on was IT and all four kids talked outside the dresser to this nice elderly lady the entire time.
No peeking under dressing rooms.
No fighting.
No hiding in clothes racks.
No wrestling on the floor.
Just talking to a nice lady.
Nice lady I love you!!!
I pretty much told her that when I was done.
Her college age granddaughter was trying on swim suits too and her name was Tatum also.
I think it was my quickest swim suit shopping experience to date.
I think I've procrastinated enough.
A packing I go.

I'll leave you with some beautiful sky pics from the other night.
One with flash and one without.

The kids thought it looked like heaven.
One twin said, "Maybe someone died and went to heaven now."
Not sure the theology behind that one.
My niece was with us and she said, "It looks like Jesus is about to return and come blow His horn."
To which Tatum said, "Yeah I think the angels are all about to get out their whistles and blow them and start playing a game."
It did look like the sky was opening up but mainly I just thought it was a beautiful evening sky!

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Angie B said...

AND...your swimsuit top looks so cute!!

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