Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tired + some Pics

I am T I R E D.
Summer type tired.
You know - three meals a day, four kids home, later nights type tired.
I know all you mommas can relate.
I LOVE summer but it's a shock to your system.
Well, everyone is in bed and dare I say asleep already (9:15) on this summer night.
I needed the quiet.
We had a garage sale today with a friend and the kids did a lemonade stand - a very successful lemonade stand I might add.
Tatum has been dreaming about this event for months.
She was the most consistent with it.
The boys went off for awhile but she stuck with it.
Pretty much ran it herself for awhile - I didn't help at all b/c I was busy with people.
I looked over once and a boy gave her a dollar (it was a quarter) and she put it in her box, closed the door and said "Thanks".
He laughed and helped her figure change.
Ian had a sign hanging from the table that said, "Money back guaranteed."
My favorite comment though was from Coleson.
A friend of mine came up and said, "Can I have a glass of lemonade?"
While handing her the cup he said (in his sort of deep serious voice), "No sorry we don't have glass we just have styrofoam."
My baby boy leaves for a week of camp tomorrow.
Is he ready?
Am I ready?
I know he has fun and I'm all for camp but a week gets long without him and I always wonder how he's doing.
I'll leave you with a couple summer pics . . . I've been terrible with my camera this summer but I have a few to share.

Little 3D Action - Kung Fu Panda 2

Carter lost his FIRST tooth!! (And the tooth fairy remembered at 3am in the morning - well the Mr. Tooth Fairy remembered and woke the Mrs. Tooth Fairy and all was taken care of.)

The kids ventured so far out that Ian was giving Tatum a piggy back ride home and Carter carried her doll.  It was precious to see.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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Hayley said...

That last picture is so sweet!

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