Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Camp's Cool

Just me and the "triplets" these days.
This cute boy is at camp for the week having a blast.
We told him while he was gone we were going to go to Disney Land and climb mountains. 
He said, "Camp's better."
I guess camp is cool.

Well, it hasn't quite been Disney Land.
We had a picnic in the back of the van one day with Jason for lunch.
It was cool out for June so we even had soup.
Simple things excite these three.

The first night Ian was gone the boys prayed for him.
You can tell by their prayers that they aren't ready to stay at camp. 
Their fears are obvious in their prayers.

Coleson: "Help Ian not be scared in his cabin."

Carter: "Help Ian and the other people not fall out of the top bunk or the bottom bunk (there is not a top bunk railing) and help him not be scared if there's a storm and help him have fun and thank you for the world."

And Tatum, well she's just enjoying sleeping in his bed. 

The twins though are enjoying being the "top dog" of knowledge. 
When Tatum asks her questions they can answer and not be corrected.
I think they like that.

Good week but we miss him.

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