Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This and That

These three cousins had their first "day camp" experience today and all I heard this evening was . . . 
This was awesome and that was awesome.
I'm thinking it was all awesome.
They got to see Ian and they said he was having fun.
If you look close in the pic it looks like we caught some wrestlers in action in the background.
Coleson told me he made a new friend named Michelob at camp.
I laughed so hard.
I'm thinking he didn't hear it right but what would it be?
Maybe it really is Michelob and maybe he has a brother named Bud.

Tonight I was so tired I really wanted to just be done and be a bum.
Instead the boys convinced me to go outside and play "Toilet Tag".
Yep you heard me right.
They learned it at camp but apparently just as they were about to play it, their hay rack ride came so they didn't get a chance.
I know you are all dying to know how to play so here are the rules.

If you get tagged you have to squat like you are on the toilet and stick your arm out for the handle. 
To become unfrozen like that someone else has to come and sit on your lap (aka the pot) and push your arm down to "flush the toilet". 

Seriously who thought of that?
Genius game for boys.

I did not want to run - but I did.
I did not want to squat - but I did.
I was tired - but I pretended I wasn't.
It did feel good to have my bare feet run through the grass.
That just makes you feel like a kid and reminds you it's summer.
Those boys are fast though.
I was it for a long time.

On another note . . . 
 While driving home the other night a storm was rolling in and the sky and sunset was amazing.
Carter said, "You should take a picture mom."
They were all telling me where I should stop the car to take the picture.
I'm glad they have a love for capturing beauty.
Amazing sky.

And are these two not the cutest?
They are cousins but man they could pass for twins.
I love chatting with them both.
They are FULL of life and best friends.



Hayley said...

Beautiful sky pictures! I'm laughing at Michelob and toilet tag. Hilarious!

Heather said...

Hi Nicole - Love your pictures and seeing your Nebraska world; a place that I love... Your kids are darlings and you are a super great mom! I hope that your summer days bring you a lot of smiles and possibly (once in a while?) a nice, long nap!!! Heather

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