Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Football Party

We love a party theme at this house.
I've sort of passed this craziness on to my kids.
They love a theme and they always get into it.
We like to keep it simple but fun.
This year Ian wanted a football party.
I liked that - didn't seem like a hard one at all.
We kept it simple and had it our place.
8 boys and my three younger ones.

Here are some party ideas we gathered to make the party a hit.

* Used white spray paint to paint a field in our grass.
* Had all the boys wear a football jersey (I had extras for those that didn't wear one).
* My husband wore his ref shirt.
* We put black marks under their eyes. They all loved this.

(Yes that would be my twins wearing their jersey's backwards.We told them but they seemed to like it that way. It was fun to watch them try to be hang with the "big boys" in the games.)

* Hung up a tire to a tree for a throwing contest.
* Played flag football and 500 (It's a football game.).

* We tailgated - grilled food, opened presents, and ate cake all around the truck.
* We drank gatorade.
* Kept a simple menu . . . chili dogs/ chips/ and watermelon. I did cut the watermelon in the shape of a watermelon but I don't think that was noticed. :))
*  I had a cooler of water ready and thought we should pour it on the birthday boy - it ended up on the 

Of course the party wouldn't be complete without Jas showing them his "I can eat a hotdog in one bite" trick.
How could he pass that up with an audience of 9 year old boys?
The boys loved that trick.

It really was a fun party.
Ian had a great time and his friends all had a good time.
That my friend is success for me.



Kimberlee said...

That looks like an awesome party.
You are an awesome, fun, rad mom, Nicole!

Anonymous said...

Loved the tailgating part! That's genius ... fits the theme -- no one in your house!! Ha. FUN!

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