Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It's a quiet house here and I sat down to post some more pics of our trip and decided to write on
something else.
Boys are fast asleep.
My guy is deep in a seminary paper.
My girl had a late nap with a fever today so I'm sure she's still trying to fall asleep and just might come out and visit me soon.
I decided tonight I needed to list some things I'm thankful for.
I'm feeling unthankful.
Can I say that?
It's been windy and nothing irritates me more than a strong wind that just makes you feel like someone is pulling on you all day.
I'm just being honest.

I was looking for a picture to go with this post and this one just seemed to fit.
I have so much to be thankful for - that's not the problem.
Sometimes when we're tired and down or have a full head it's just easier to see the things we want to change or the things that we aren't completely happy with instead of all that is good in our lives.
So I'm going to relook at my day today and list 5 things I can marvel at and be thankful for.
1 I got to listen to Coleson read to me.  Nothing sweeter than hearing a kindergartner read and sound out words.
2 I'm thankful I got to hear these sweet words from Tatum tonight. "Daddy loves me so much. He cares for me. (giggle - pause) He doesn't worry about anything. He protects me. (giggle)" 
3  Grandmas rolls. We finished off a fresh bag of those in one quick meal! Yummy!
4  I got to read some of God's word with Ian tonight - just him and I.
5  I ate ice cream on the trampoline with my three boys.  We talked, ate and pretended it was summer.
I feel better already.  
After looking at my list is seems like it was a pretty good day!
What are you thankful for TODAY?

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Sweet Pea said...

Great post and reminder for me today as I sit in the waiting room at MD Anderson with my Dad. I DO have so much to be thankful for even though it don't feel that way sometimes. As I watch all these sick people passing by me, some with arms cut off, some with distorted faces, some with tubes hooked up all over them, I have to say I am thankful! Thanks for being real!!! :)

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