Thursday, April 7, 2011

Couple More

Couple more Utah Adventures.
We ate at a favorite of ours . . . Costco.
Simple I know.
Once a week Jason would pick the twins up from preschool and they'd go for MAN MEAL at Costco.
Man meal consisted of a polish dog and coke for $1.50.
When we suggested this place the boys irrupted! 
We had to vote to make sure us girls could join them for a "man meal".
They voted us in.
Tatum and I got greasy yummy oh so delicious pizza.
It was a simple activity but one our entire family enjoyed.

The twins had a first on this trip too.
They both jumped off of the high dive.
I survived watching it.
They both did it several times and were beaming after each jump.
Coleson told me next time we go back he's doing a flip.
Seriously boys I can't take it.

We made a stop at one of our favorite parks. 

On the way home we got to see the Wiener mobile.
You know Oscar Meyer Wiener?
It's a real vehicle.
Fun to see.

I wish my pictures included some time up in the mountains but it wasn't a ski trip and the weather wasn't set for hiking. 
People were the purpose of this trip and that we did!
Good to see you all.


Peg said...

Loved the pictures. Reminded me of the times I came to visit when you lived there - great memories!!

Lisa said...

Oh...I miss eating at Costco! We ate there all the time when we lived in OR. Loved all the pictures, looks like you had fun!

Hayley said...

You know I love the Wiener Mobile!

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