Friday, April 15, 2011

Warning: Complete Randomness

Warning: This post is full of randomness.
I haven't blogged in over a week - just haven't been in a bloggy mood I guess.
Kids and I got our groove on to a little "Just Dance Wii" tonight and some of their comments cracked me up. 
Tatum:  We should do this one with Aunt Christine. (I guess she thinks Aunt Christine can move.)
Ian:  Let's do Beach Boys, Grammy would love that one. (Yes she would.)
Carter:  That guy is wearing weird pants. (They were MC Hammer pants.)
We did a song to "New Kids on the Block" and I was telling the kids how I used to like them. So when I was dancing to it and said I couldn't do some of the moves Carter said, "Well, since you always wanted to be in their band you have to learn the moves."
I'm loving the Starfall books I ordered for the twins.
A first grade teacher friend of mine introduced me to the site when Ian was a preschooler.
We loved it.
Just this past year we remembered it and the twins started playing it.
Then I found their little books on amazon.
I went all teacher on them and challenged them to work through the books in order (there are 15) and read each book to three people and then they can check that book off.
When they are done I'll give them a little prize.
They love to read so little incentive was needed, they were all over the challenge, but it makes it a great challenge and keeps them going.
Each book increases in difficulty.
I'm a starfall fan.
Check out the site for your preschooler or young reader . . .
A quote I've been thinking about lately is: "Humility will set you up for intimacy with God like nothing else." - Beth Moore
If you haven't seen the movie "Rango" -- DON'T.
Seriously a stupid movie.
It's obvious from the first 4 minutes.
I was so glad we were at a cheap little theatre and I didn't drop the $50 it takes to take my kids to a 3D movie.
I had a DAY date with my guy today.
Nothing makes me happier.
It included Mexican food which is even better! Yum!
After seeing how little sleep my guy functions on because of studying I don't think I'll ever go back to school.  He's a  S U P E R H E R O !! I would be a mumbling idiot and would either be crying over silly stuff or . . . . oh wait I do that now.  He's so close to having two years of school down!!!  I'm going to shout like crazy when he's D O N E !
Just got two books in the mail I'm excited to read.
One is by Rob Bell - "Love Wins"
I've always liked him.
Seen him in person and was in awe of his presentation.
Crazy smart.
His book "Velvet Elvis" challenged me like crazy.
It created a desire in me to do something more with my spiritual life.
We've used his Nooma videos for many studies and they challenge me every time.
This book is creating some real controversy though on part of his theology.
I might not agree with it once I've read it, but I don't want to be one of those people that doesn't read something yet seems to know it's all wrong when I don't even really know what he is teaching.
To be honest I hope I'm pleasantly surprised when I read it.
I want to believe He is staying biblically sound.
Have you seen the kids show "Wild Kratts" on PBS?
It's a new favorite around here.
Non fiction / animal facts / super heroes . . . . my boys L O V E it!
Coleson has the whole theme song down I think.
5:00 central time / PBS
Three bloggers, whom I love, all have posted about the same thing this week.
You may have already checked them out; if not you need too.
It involves a give away; (ipad 2 anyone?) but even more than that it will touch your heart and give you a chance to participate in something life changing for one of God's creations.
Go check it out now.
Julie, Kimberlee, and Meg will all direct you to Danielle's site so you can participate in Dream Big. They all give some great posts about it. You can also read an interview with Danielle and hear more of her story over at Telling Stories
Go now.
Enough randomness for one day.
Have a T E R R I F I C weekend!



meg duerksen said...

YAY for sergey!
thanks for sending him more love!
it's going to be SO cool to see how God is going to get another $20,000 this week. i think HE will.

i loved this post.
i am usually a picture girl but i loved reading what is on your mind.

i just finihsed my 10PM. i hope i can sleep tonight!

Lisa said...

Travis tried to buy that book at Ruth's, but they don't have it. Guess he'll have to order it! So what's the second book you ordered?

I haven't heard of the starfall books or the new show on PBS. Going to have to check both of them out!

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