Monday, April 4, 2011


Utah Friends.
On our trip we saw lots of friends.
I was TERRIBLE about taking pictures.
It just seemed awkward . . . every time you see a friend do you say, "Can I take your picture?" Ha.
I didn't even get a picture with our friends that are like family.
We stayed at there house (which is a big deal when you have four kids).
Love you Rod and Lynette.
Thanks for letting us crash your place!
The kids loved seeing friends.
Isn't this the cutest picture of boys??
What a troop.
They all just picked up like they hadn't missed a beat.
Love that about kids.

 We had 6 families together one night . . . 12 adults and 25 kids (and only 4 of those were older than 3rd grade). Crazy fun that's what you call that!  
 This girl is super woman - she's the one that had all 25 kids in her house! Love you Heather!
Good times with friends!


Phil & Melissa Wiebe said...

how fun!!! you missed getting your hair done by me by a week(ish) hehe!

Kimberlee said...

The pic of the boys is so very boy!

At least you got a pic of A, if not R & L.

Are you guys headed this way for Easter? We will be here. Let's get together for an LP coffee date, if you are.

HeatherK said...

ahhh, How I MISS you! Loved seeing you and your family!!!You are one of my very favorite people in the world! LOVED seeing your face and catching up on everything. we gotta keep doing that every few months =) i wish.

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