Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday's Five

Friday's Five

Five Things that Happen Around Bedtime that Derail us from the Bedtime Routine

1  Silliness
What do you do when you think bedtime is a minute around the corner only to see this? 

We laugh, take a few pics and then continue on with bedtime. This was Tuesday night's derailing episode.

2  Deep Conversations
I don't know why but at bedtime my boys will have the deepest questions that provoke some great, yet time consuming, questions.  We've covered cancer / heart attacks / all sorts of weather conditions / heaven / how babies are born / life long dreams / fears  etc. Just seems to be the time they really talk and share with us. I wish I could press a record button every night they start talking deep.

3  Teeth Brushing
This should be simple but it's not. 4 kids in one space creates chaos. We try to rotate and such or spread out among two bathrooms but anyway we do it it just seems chaotic and messy. I mean you can't brush your teeth without getting water on the sink or tooth paste all over the counter. It's a must!

4 Brother Bonding
The boys share a room so many times that's when we hear them talking on and on about really personal stuff like Star Wars and Dinosaurs.

5 Books
We read a lot around here. All the kids would leave there light on an hour after bedtime to read. Can't blame them. 

I must admit the bed time routine has gotten 10x easier as they've gotten older. It was a comedy show around here when the twins were 2 or 3. Good memories but I'm tired just thinking about it. :)) HA. 


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Cindy said...

I love the cross I see hanging in your house!

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