Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Us fight??

A couple days ago someone asked me if Jason and I ever fought?
You don't have a passionate personality without having some passionate fights.

Sometimes it's over stupid lame stuff.
Sometimes it's deep and someone is hurt by something.
Sometimes someone is just in a bad mood. (Truth be known if that's the case it's 9 times out of 10 me.)
I'd hope it's true that we fight better now then we did 12 years ago.
We fight less that's for sure.
We can get into a long groove with little to no fighting; a groove where we keep it clean and we remember all the right ways to handle conflict.
Or we can get into a groove where we seem to forget how to handle conflict right.
That's when we work hard to get back on the other kind of groove.

Here's the thing with our fighting / arguing / debating (whatever you want to call it). . . we are crazy about each other.
Even in fighting we really are FOR the other person.
We've learned to say sorry.
We've learned to forgive.

We both have personalities that don't want our life, our marriage, our family, our jobs to just be "okay".
We want them to mean something.
We want them to be full.
We want them to represent something. Someone.
We want them to always be progressing and getting deeper.
We'll fight for those things to be so.

So yep, this couple that is crazy about each other is a normal, everyday couple that has disagreements and conflicts and fights and has to do the hard work that comes with marriage.
But it's oh so worth it.


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