Wednesday, March 9, 2011


What's your drink of choice?
Mine is Dr. Pepper with crushed ice.
Or a frozen margarita.
Or a snow cone.

Whatever it is, if you and I were going to sit down for a drink and have some
girl time what would we talk about?
Ask me anything.
Many blogs do this.
I never have.
You get to give me some content for the blog.
What do you want to hear about?
Just leave a comment asking me anything.
It can be deep. 
It can be anything you've been curious about.
Whatever . . . you ask, I'll answer.
I don't know how this will work out.
You may not have any questions.
That's fine too.
If you do have questions then next week I'll answer away.
This could be fun.
Bring on the questions.



Heidi Glanzer Carlson said...

How is being a stay-at-home mom in the country? My hubs loves the country life... My fear is that if we live in the country and have little ones, I will feel isolated and lonely. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Why did u rank me last on the bar chart in high school?

domesticjoys said...

Best mothering tips : )
I love hearing your perspective on life and would love to hear more about the mom that you are and ways you are growing as a mom.

Cindy Bartel said...

I know you love and miss your friends in have expressed that often in your blog. But don't you love and miss us in Fairview, too? We sure love and miss you guys! We have some GREAT memories of the years you were here!

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