Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday Idea

I love blogging for so many reasons.
One reason is for the ideas that we get to come across.
Last fall I read an idea on someones blog that I tucked away. 
Of course now I can't remember which blog it was.
If you are reading this and it was your idea --- thank you -- I loved it.

The idea was to have a "birthday month" for your spouse. During that month you do things for them all month - do as many things as their birthday age.

Since Jason's birthday was the last day of Feb. it worked out real nice. 
At the beginning of the month I put a sign on the door he comes in that said, 

"It's Birthday Month! Be watching for 35 Birthday wishes."

Then throughout the month I gave him little birthday gifts. 
It wasn't every day - just whenever.
Here's a couple examples . . . 

- I bought his favorite drink that I rarely buy and stuck it in the fridge and 
wrote "Happy Birthday" on it with a sharpie.
- While he was out of town I took down the Christmas lights (a first for me) and texted him a picture of it saying "Happy Birthday the lights are down."
- I wrote him special notes and put them in different places.
- I left a candy bar on his desk and said, "Here's a late night study snack, Happy Birthday."

I tried to mix it up.
It was fun.
I will say it was a bit challenging to come up with and do 35 of them.

You could do a "birthday week" and just do one a day.
I just liked the idea of mixing in things to do for him and things to give him.
It was fun to have a month where I thought so much about what things he likes or how I could help him.
Try it.
It was fun.

We celebrated with a night out on his birthday with his brother's and their wives.
That was one of the gifts too. 
It was a fun night.



Hayley said...

What a fun idea! (Happy Belated Birthday, Jason.) I've never noticed how much all three of you girls (sisters-in-law) look alike.

Sweet Pea said...

I love that idea! Brad's b-day is at the end of this month so this is perfect timing. I better start thinking...38 things! Maybe I'll just do a b-day WEEK! :)

Amy said...

THANK YOU!!! Mike's B-day is Friday so I got w/ it! This morning was the first of "surprises"!! Coffee on me for the rest of the week at our favorite coffee shop in town! It was small and simple but they will get better as the week goes on! A card for each day too! It was so fun picking them out!! When you put thought into's much more rewarding!! :) Thanks again for sharing the idea!

Lynette said...

How much fun was that?!? Glad you guys could all be together! Sending our love from O-H-I-O!

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