Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Extremes

Warning: You are getting tired momma typing this post.
There is a pendulum swing going on in my kids these days.
They are either at one extreme or the other.
There are moments where it's in between but not for long.
Here are the two extremes . . .

We all love each other so much and we all think we are the funniest things ever so let's just make each other laugh at all costs and be crazy together and just laugh loud and tell silly jokes that make no sense and make silly noises just to make us all laugh and let's just crack each other up which means we won't here that crazy lady that keeps trying to bust up our fun party while we are having the time of our lives with the people we love more than anything and who invited that women to the party anyway she looks like a party pooper so let's just keep laughing with one another since we are best friends forever.

That's one extreme.

I can't stand these other humans around me they bother me and pick on me and I want them all to do exactly as I say or leave me alone or better yet I'll just annoy them since I know just which buttons to push on each one of them to make them mad and since I'm so busy trying to either annoy or get away from these other people that live in my house I can't even hear the crazy lady that is talking to us; I don't even know what she's saying, something about be kind but she must be talking to the other humans that are pestering me all the time.

Have I lost my mind or what?
Someone tell me this is normal.

When the boys were all babies my dad said something that I think of so often.
"Everything is a phase Nic. The bad is a phase and the good is a phase."
That has proven to be true over and over again.

So how long is this phase?
I fear it could be long based on my kids ages.
I think we are just entering the phase.
Those are the ages.

In extreme number ONE I am so glad they love one another and want to all play together.
They really are friends.
I am so glad they make each other laugh and that laughter is so much apart of their lives.
I'm all for laughter.
I don't want to be the party pooper.
But in extreme one I also don't want to be ignored.
I don't want the fun to turn into bad manners and disrespect or silliness that is just insane.
It's like the birthday parties that you go to where everyone is high on sugar but it's ok because you know it only lasts for 2 hours and then their mommas pick them up.
I've described having 4 kids in 4 years to many by saying it's a birthday party everyday at my house.

In extreme two I just want them to get along.
It's always over super petty stuff.
They know where to push.
This is where I dream of ways to divide them up more; give them their individual space.
I come up blank most times.


Ok I feel better.
Blogging sure is cheaper than counseling. :))



Amanda Bartel said...

i think you are normal. :-) or at least, it is good to hear that my kiddos are normal! I feel like my boys bounce between those two extremes every day lately- i felt like I was reading about them, and they aren't as old as yours yet. i will pray for the crazy lady at your house!

Nicole said...

Oh, you are so not alone! Crazy mommas unite!! No really, on some of my forums my name is either mommaszoo or 5lilMonkies. Yup, it is crazy in my house too. Some days I can make it run smoothly all day. Everything gets done and the kids play wonderfully. If I can go through the day with only one meltdown from Mary (almost 3 years old) then I call it a successful day. Some of my friends say it best, "This too shall pass." And by golly it does!! HA!! Kids are so big on life and thankfully they have us to help real them back into reality to keep things "normal".

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