Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Guy!

Today is my guy's birthday.

Sort of.
He's a leap year baby - so ya know - he doesn't really get a day this year.
I've always made sure to celebrate in within the same month.
He's 8 3/4 this year.
Just got older than Ian - barely.
It's a big b-day.
I won't tell you his age.
Maybe the list of things I tell you I like about him will give it away.
Or you can do the leap year math.
(If it gets to mushy for ya just come back tomorrow for a less mushy post.)

1    He's HOTT. (Well he is.)
2    He's tall.  (I like that about him too. Just getting the obvious out of the way.)
3    He's been a good keeper of my heart.
4    He makes me laugh.
5    He's an over the top, awesome kind of daddy.
6    He lives his life on a mission.
7    He's a hard worker.
8    He can function on little sleep.
9    He likes to have fun.
10  He's a communicator.
11  He's compassionate.
12  He loves people.
13  He's not a picky eater.
14  He balances me.
15  He fits in with my family.
16  He likes to travel.
17  He likes to learn.
18  He's open to new ideas.
19  He puts up with me.
20  He's passionate about Christ.
21  He's easy to find in a crowd. :))
22  He's willing to live adventurously.
23  He listens to my heart.
24  He helps me fold laundry sometimes.
25  He provides for us.
26  He has a variety of information stored in his head.
27  He likes me.
28  He fixes things.
29  He has blue eyes which get passed to all four of our kiddos.
30  He is genuine.
31  He models what he preaches.
32  He gives a great hug.
33  He's funny.
34  He's creative.
35  He's mine.



1 comment:

Alita said...

Happy Birthday to your lil man!

Awwwww!!! My great grams was born on a leap year. I understand all too well about celebrating a certain special way.

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