Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Flower Girl

Tatum was a flower girl this weekend.
First time.
She was loving it.
She couldn't wait for them to kiss.
At rehearsal when the bride walked in with her dad she said, "Why is she walking in with him? Why isn't she walking in with the guy she is going to kiss?"
When we referred to them she either said "the ones that are going to kiss" or "the ones that kissed" or "the bride and the guy she is going to kiss".
After she watched several tap on their glasses to get them to kiss at the reception, I later eyed her using her plastic silverware trying to get her glass to make a clinking sound so they'd kiss.
She did her job well.
I wasn't sure what to expect.
When you are four you can have a different personality every hour if you want.
The ring boy was hilarious during pics.
He didn't say a word but apparently when he is told to "smile" he opens his mouth wide.
His mom told the photographer to say "cheese" instead so he wouldn't do that but she kept forgetting so most of the pics his mouth was wide open.
It was so hilarious to everyone.
He thought he was doing what the lady wanted.
Jason performed the wedding so I got to see them both all dressed up together.
Enjoy all the pics.

Thanks Bret and Laura for including us in your day.
We hope you are having the time of your life in the sun right now!



Hayley said...

She is adorable! How fun!

Kimberlee said...

Tatum is beautiful! How fun for her and you. :)

So fun to see Josh Jost, too!

Lisa said...

I was worried when I saw Josh that he was the one getting married...that would make me feel really old!! Tatum looked gorgeous and I'm sure she loved every minute of it!

Sweet Pea said...

Sweet photos!!!

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