Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Several things made our weekend a good weekend.
A Children's Museum with Grammy  - it was even a Zoo Day there.

 Tots was so into the face decorating . . . . I think she's admiring herself here. :))

This is the only pic I asked to take . . . you know where you say "can you guys all pose for a pic"? It's so silly - they all look sort of funny to me - I like natural unposed pics so much better. We took it for Daddy and texted it to him. :))

Another fun weekend item . . .
Just Dance Wii Game
It's my new favorite activity with the kids.
I wasn't sure how the boys would like it - they love to dance and be funny but didn't know if they'd want to follow the person on the tv.
They were ALL INTO it to the max.
I got the greatest laugh out of it.
Gives them (and you if you join in) some cardio workout and it's FUN for all.
You can manually choose songs from the list so you don't have to do the ones that aren't appropriate for your kids.
There are many classics to to pick from.... some of the kids favorites are "Eye of the Tiger", "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," "Who Let the Dogs Out".
I didn't choose the Kids version because I didn't want to be dancing to Row Row Row Your Boat.
Not my thing.
Go buy it - it's worth the laugh and energy burn.

The other activity we played Sunday night was "Headbands".
Great fun game.
Besides fun, it teaches critical thinking.
Reminded me of my teaching days when I'd use the time in line at the bathroom to play a 20 Questions type game with the kids.
Tatum cracked me up . . . she was asking questions to discover what was on her head and she then said, "Am I invincible?"
She got a laugh from her brothers on that one.

Good weekend.
There was fighting, arguing and all that normal stuff but in between that stuff it was a very good weekend.
Can we have another weekend?
Like tomorrow?
Thanks for coming to visit Grammy - we all love time with you.


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Peg said...

I had a fun time with y'all too. Especially loved the dancing. So glad you didn't put my dance pic on your blog.

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