Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time with my Party of 6!

I'm Thankful for . . . 
Time With my Party of 6 !

We had a nice holiday break.
I love Thanksgiving.
It's one of my favorite holidays.
One reason I like it is because it's always different for us.
We have had few Thanksgivings that have been the same.
This year we filled our week with . . . 

Yummy Food
Time with some family
Watched the parade
Getting away for a night as a family
Swimming at a hotel
Kids made lists of 20 things they are thankful for and shared them
(I will treasure these lists - they are priceless.) 
Tree Farm for a Christmas Tree
Time with some good friends
Decorating the tree and house
Playing Games

It was a nice break from the normal.
I'm thankful for it.

We hiked at Arbor Farms in Nebraska City.
They had activities along the hike.
We had one tired hiker - she's easy to spot in the pictures.
She swam herself out!
We were at the hotel pool before 8:30am that day.
They woke up ready to put suits on - again.
I love how simple a vacation can be for kids to enjoy it.

Tree Farm Fun - 
We had already had a full day of activity so the goal this year was - get out, find a tree, cut it and let's go.
We found our tree in record time compared to last year.
We walked the rows.
They all start to look alike.
After looking at several we found our tree.
We voted.
It got six votes.
Everyone that wanted to saw sawed.
And away we went.
This year we remembered not to drive into the garage with the tree on top.

 I'm thankful for a good break and I'm thankful there is still one more day till the week starts!

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