Sunday, November 28, 2010

Keeping it Real

Today hanging with my party of six didn't go so swell.
Maybe it was me.
Maybe it was them.
Whatever it was today was hard.
Lots of whining and lots of "I'm not up for obeying today" type of attitudes.
Lots of wild, silly energy too.
During church my 4 year old wanted to take off her dress.
Yes, take it off.
It was a button up dress and when she saw her brother take his coat off she said, "I want to take this off. I don't want to wear it."
Um? No.
She would have been sitting there in her tights and long sleeve undershirt in 2 seconds flat if I would have said yes.
Jason was preaching so I'm sure that would have been a slight distraction.
The house is quiet now.
Boys asleep and Tatum out on a date with Daddy.
She was all aglow when they headed out - I'm sure she'll come back as happy as can be.
Tomorrow's a new week.
I was sad to see the holiday break end but after today I think I'm ready for a new week!!

1 comment:

meg duerksen said...

sounds like a spiritual attack.

and that was our yesterday.
it's so hard to bounce back after a day like that.

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