Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Picture Fall

Picture Fall
(Each day in October . . . one photo prompt . . . a way to seek out the Beauty of Fall)
Class Taken at BigPictureClasses

Oct. 1
Picture Prompt:  The Fallen Leaf

Oct. 2
Picture Prompt:  Get Comfy

Oct. 3 
Picture Prompt: Beauty Challenge
Oct 4.
Picture Prompt: Morning Light

Oct. 5
Picture Prompt: Little Reminders (words)

Oct. 6
Picture Prompt: Subtleties- Monochromatic Subject Matter

Oct. 7
Picture Prompt: After the Fall

Oct. 8
Picture Prompt: Keeping it Simple

Oct. 9
Picture Prompt: What Remains 

Oct. 10
Picture Prompt: Preparations - Kitchen Help

Oct. 11
Picture Prompt: Stripping Down/Texture
Oct 12
Picture Prompt: Take Some Time Out 

Oct 13
Picture Prompt: Good Day Sunshine

Oct. 14
Picture Prompt:  Unexpected Enchantment

Oct. 15

Oct. 16

Oct. 17
Picture Prompt: Bounty

Oct. 18

Oct. 19 
Picture Prompt:Scattered

Oct. 20 
Picture Prompt:Connections

Oct. 21 
Picture Prompt:Serving Up Kindness

Oct. 22
Picture Prompt: Lights

Oct. 23
Picture Prompt:The Rhythm of Repetition

Oct. 24
Picture Prompt: Family Matters

Oct. 25
Picture Prompt:Fall Colors

Oct. 26

Oct. 27
Picture Prompt:Leafy Love

Oct. 28
Picture Prompt: The Great Pumpkin

Oct. 29

Oct. 30
Picture Prompt: Fantasy Land

Oct. 31 
Picture Prompt:Be Thankful
I'm thankful for the Journey!

Someone asked me the other day about my camera so I thought I'd share . . . 
  Sony Cybershot DSC - T300 
It's just a point and shoot. 
When editing I use iphoto on my Mac.
I probably do minor editing to 30% of my pics.
I dream of a new camera but this is a fantastic little point and shoot.


Kimberlee said...

I could use a little "enchantment". All of these are amazing...you've got a great eye, Nicole. Exceptional, really.

Sweet Pea said...

Great photos! You have a gift at photography!!! Love them all!

Peg said...

Great pictures Nic. Loved the colors of fall.

cobwebbcorner said...

I love all your Pictures...it's not the camera that makes them great, it's the photographer!

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