Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I need to be wearing a shirt today that says,

"Do not mistake this outfit for laziness."

Yes I am still in pj pants but today is all about "productivity"!!
I just might be in my pj pants till it's time to go to bible study tonight.
I know Jason is reading this and just thrilled to get home. HA!
I passed on exercise this morning and the goal is to get this place back into shape and then tackle a variety of things at my desk.
Blogging not being one of those things so I better keep this short and keep going.
The house is back in order . . . not perfect but back in order.
The smell of baked apple pie is in the air . . . thanks to my scentsy candle.
Laundry has been going all morning and will keep going throughout the day.
The day will end with a Laundry Folding Party.
Anyone want to come? :))
It will probably be a party of one . . . or maybe two but by morning we'll all have something fresh to wear again.
Here's to productivity today!


Lisa said...

Sounds identical to my day!

Dana said...

I'm still in my PJs too and I only have one little one to keep track of! Wish we lived closer, I'd love to just do life with you! :)

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