Saturday, October 2, 2010

Twin Perk and a Photo Shoot


When we got ready to send the twins to kindergarten we went to the usual parent informational meetings.
We were given handbooks and papers to fill out.
We got two of every form.
Two times of writing out our health information, address, emergency contacts etc.
While most dads sit there in those meetings watching the mom fill out the form Jason gets to fill
out a form too.
Twins have a way of involving both parents into the routines.
We may get double the forms but there is something else that we double up on and it's good.
Double the stories, double the scoop on the day, double the 'what did you do in school today?'.
One will be telling me something that happened at school and the other one will chime in and add more detail or a different perspective on it.
One kids thought will trigger a thought in the other one.
Or one will complete the thought for the other one - sometimes it takes two to remember one thing. Hmm.
Sometimes they tell us the same thing and we have to act like we just heard it for the first time.
Other times I just have to listen to their conversations with one another.
Typically little information given.
But two boys, two minds, together ?
They can remember a lot more.
I'll fill out double the forms any day to get the doubled up news on their day!

I attempted at a 6 yr. old photo shoot a couple weeks ago.
It was stressful to say the least and it had nothing to do with them.
They were in picture taking moods.
I had camera issues, lighting issues, I carried a bench out to our field that was way to heavy for me to carry only to use it for 10 minutes before the camera issues started, we hung out in a ditch for 15 minutes (location number 2) and didn't get one picture.
All the elements weren't right it just wasn't working for us.
The boys could tell I was trying so hard with that crazy bench because they were holding doors for me and everything and when I got it just in the door of the house they said, "Just leave it there, Daddy can get it the rest of the way." HA!!
I did get a couple shots that I like and hopefully we'll get one more try at it real soon.

These first two were my favorite.

Squirrelly faces . . . the arm on the shoulder cracks me up because I don't pose them.

For those of you wondering . . . Coleson is in black and Carter is in blue.  
Did you get it right?

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