Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday's Five

Friday's Five
Five things That Happened Last Night While I Was Sleeping

1   My purse was stolen at Walmart.  Guy grabbed it from my cart and ran off.  I was so shocked it took me a minute to scream.

2  Snow! All over our yard. Covered.

3  I found the perfect turquoise vase that I've been looking for to go with my newly painted kitchen - and at Walmart of all places. I've been looking everywhere for it.

4  To find the best produce I had to climb up and over the piles of fruit. Weirdest thing but I needed that produce.

5.  While walking to the front of Walmart to report my purse stolen I saw a man just walking around with my wallet.  I quickly grabbed it from him and ran! I'm so brave.

All that in a night  -- I tell you I was exhausted when I woke up.  Can you tell that Walmart is on my list of things to do today. I will be keeping an eye on my purse today and I won't be climbing any fruit stands either. Goodness! Thankfully their is no snow today either. Not sure what that was about - I'm loving this Fall weather so please no snow.


Hayley said...

You got me. First I was so upset that you got your purse stolen. I've had my stuff stolen twice, and it is HORRIBLE! Secondly, I was shocked you had snow already. Then I was proud you took your wallet back. I'm glad it was a dream!

Lisa said...

Ha!!! You totally had me! I, like Hayley, was so shocked about your purse and then totally jealous of the snow and then shocked again that you stole your wallet back! I even had to read the first line of the last paragraph twice to make sure! I made the monthly shopping trip to Walmart today also. Crazy busy...I couldn't wait to get out of there. Hope you enjoyed your day!

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