Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pose it Girl!

I really can't come up with any adequate words for the pictures I'm about to post.
All I can say is that I did not ask her to pose for any of these pics,
I did not dress her in any of these pics and
I do not walk around the house posing when I put on an outfit.
This girl loves fashion and loves ACCESSORIES.
I'm thankful that she also loves dirt, swords, wrestling, and Star Wars. - I'm praying it will all balance out.
I should also add that all of these pics were taken post Aug. 20 which was the date of our last haircut given by "Cutter Girl" herself.
It was her best cut yet!

Like I said, "No adequate words."


jasonq said...

Dear Lord...help us all! I love that dramatic little girl. Reminds me so much of someone else I know. Ha.

Phil & Melissa Wiebe said...

nicole!! that's awesome!! i totally had crazy style when i was four.... though i think i'd freak if ella cut her hair.... i'm going to ban scissors from our house.. haha.... :)

ps. i love reading 'oh the things they say' forget parenting mag bloopers.... just read nic's days!! haha... i died laughing at the chairs stacked in the hallway one... i love it. i will for sure be writing down what my kidos say!

miss you. love your hair. hope you have a great week!

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