Monday, September 20, 2010

Close Ups

I love a close up.
You see the details in eyes, freckles, teeth etc.
The details tell a story of the age of the child.
Debra invited her blog readers to take close ups this weekend.
I decided I would get my shots randomly.
So messy faces and all I snapped one or two here or there this weekend.
Not glamorous but so real.

Today is a Monday and I have my hands in several things.
Do you do that?
Start something, walk to another room, see something else to start etc.
That's me today.
I've got laundry going,  something in the crock pot, half of my kitchen cabinet handles taken off to sand/prime/and paint, in between I've been uploading pics, answering emails, and feeding Tots and her friend lunch.
It's a good day!
While going from thing to thing I saw these on my counter.
Reminds me . . . if you want to make a difference with a simple task; click here and help send vitamins to children in Africa.
If you live in my area you can give them to me and I will be mailing them on Friday.


Kimberlee said...

I cannot take a close up picture that's not blurry to save my life. I think my girls' were just born with blurry faces...

debra said...

i love the expression in all of their eyes! so glad you played along.

Carly said...

You have adorable kids, good job on the pics!

Carly Peters said...

Oops here's my link, I played along too! :)

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