Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday's Five

Friday's Five 

This week I got the Kids' Fall 2010 Garnet Hill catalog.
I kept looking at things thinking,  "That is SO adorable - Tatum would look stinkin' cute in that."  
Then I'd look at the price and think, "not THAT cute!"  
Seriously who buys a 3 1/2  yr old $90 boots that they will outgrow in 6 months? 
Katie Holmes.

Five Things I Wanted to Order Before Checking the Price
(notice the ruffle theme going on?)

1.  Timberland Stirrup Boot -  I think mommy needs a pair too.

2.  Tiered Floral Dress -  The Color is BEAUTIFUL and the ruffles, oh my!

3.  Bella Mary Jane Shoes - One in every color please.

4.  Ruffly Scarf - I'm sure I'll find one like this at Target for a fraction of the price and then when it falls in dirty snow I won't have a mommy freak out session.

5.  Ruffle Tiered Faux Shearling Coat - Maybe, just maybe I can justify this one. Isn't it ADORABLE? - and it's machine washable! It also comes in pink and my girl loves pink. She does need a nice coat this year! Hmmm.


Hayley said...

I'll take one of each, please!

meg duerksen said...

that coat is soooo cute.

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