Thursday, September 9, 2010

Loving Well

Isn't God good?
He weaves everything together all the time.
I like that about Him.
He's into the details . .. even details that I'm unaware of.

Last night I started leading a bible study at our church.
It's a Beth Moore video series called Loving Well.
We have no higher calling than to  LOVE !

(picture taken off of web - google images)

At the beginning of summer I put this verse on the fridge for the kids to start memorizing.
It's so simple but packed full of a truth that can change our life.

It was in the passage we studied last night ( 1 John 4: 7-21)
I love that.

Here's a couple statements I was challenged by last night.

"God measures maturity by how we love."

If we want to be effective in loving others we have to ask God to minister to OUR own hearts.  From the second my feet hit the floor in the morning (sometimes before my feet even hit the floor) people are put in my path to love.  Throughout our day we are around people that are easy to love, some that are hard to love, and some that we don't even know but we are called to love them too.  How do I think I am even capable of loving them (not to mention love them 'well') if I haven't let God fill up my own heart?  Loving well "requires a persevering love that goes beyond our human capabilities". That capability comes only from God.

Here's to LOVING WELL today and everyday!

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Hayley said...

I wish I could be in your Bible study!

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