Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Peach Strawberry Pie

Yesterday was sort of a big day around here.
Twins started going all day to kindergarten. Up until now they have been coming home for lunch.
We missed them.
Jason started year two of seminary yesterday too.
As I typed this last night he was sitting across from me deep in big books that looked boring and drinking coffee.
I went to bed after posting this . . . he did not.
I wasn't really looking forward to the day.
To be real honest I was pretty grumpy about it coming.
But the day was good.
I made a special dinner and some yummy PEACH STRAWBERRY pie to mark the day.
I RARELY make pies, like only at Thanksgiving or something, but when I saw this pie I had to make it.
I found the recipe at Preppy Pink Crocodile.
It was very easy to make and OH SO GOOD! ! ! !
Wish I could share it with you but these pics will have to do!
The fruit is supposed to show - Preppy Pink called it a "rustic galette".
Not quite sure what that means but she said it didn't have to be perfect and that is my kind of baking.


Anonymous said...

Please do post the recipe or mail it to me? Looks delicious and I am NOT a pie maker either but looks like something I could handle or at least try!!!


Kimberlee said...

Yum...for some reason I'm reminded that I should be exercising right now.

HeatherK said...

Hello Nic.. you want to fly over for the scrapbook expo? wouldn't that be a dream? wish it could happen. That peach strawberry pie look divine.. wow.. I'll have to try it. How are all your kids liking school? Let's catch up one of these days! =) missing YOU!

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