Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's Five

Friday's Five

I actually had a hard time deciding what today's five should be because I'm excited about posting something else today.
Today is the 10th of the month and I actually remembered about a simple project I wanted to start doing.
I got the idea from my friend Kim and HERE is the link to the project site.
Join me today.

Back to the Five.

Five Little things that made me 
HAPPY this week.

1.  My favorite note of the school year came home this week. It's the one with the schedule of their day. I'm such a nerd.  I love this note.  I love seeing what their day looks like.

2.  Playing "I spy with my little eye" with JUST Tatum while driving in the car.  We got to make up our own rules, even if they didn't make sense, and no one screamed, "It's MY turn."

3.  Tatum did NOT cut her hair this week.  I've quit posting every time she's done it because I think we are up to 5!  You can all just pick your jaw back up. Yes the scissors are put away and yes she has consequences for doing it.  She's going to be a "cutter girl" when she grows up ok? :))

4.  Putting a sticky note with a silly face on it that said "hi" in the twins lunch boxes.  Since they can't read I asked them at breakfast if they knew what the letters "h" and "i" spelled.  They didn't so I told them.   Last night they said the faces in their lunchbox  were funny. I asked them if they knew what is said and in unison they said, "no".  I then said, "Do you remember what I told you an "h" and an "i" spells?"  (pause) Then at the same time they both said "love".   I laughed so hard.  Who cares what it spells the point was to let them know they are loved and obviously they do.  H - i - spells LOVE!

5.  Someone told me they could really hear my Texas accent. Made me laugh but also made me happy.  Ya'll know that makes a southern girl happy!


Randy Wertenberger said...

Oh my gosh, Nic, #4 is the cutest thing I've ever heard! That would've just made my day, as I'm sure it did yours :)

Lisa said...

I'm a nerd right there with ya! I can hardly stand it that I don't know what Addison does while she's at school. Hopefully I'll find out soon though!

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