Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday's Five

Friday's Five
(Last Friday to feed my obsession with lists I introduced a new theme. Check it out here.)

Five Things I do on Long Road Trips
We are road trippin' it today so I'll probably do all five of these things.

1.  I eat Gobstoppers, sunflower seeds, and Dr. Pepper. I seem to rotate through the three and then feel like I need to drive straight to the dentist when the day is over.

2.  Instantly kick off my shoes and put my feet on the dash; typically leaving smudges on the window.  I know it drives Jason crazy too.

3.  Get a knot in my neck from all the turning around.

4.  Bring a book or two along that I don't read. Usually I don't read it because of item number 3.

5.  Get comfy, start to fall asleep, give someone a snack, get comfy, start to fall asleep, help someone reach a toy, get comfy, start to fall asleep,  read someone a book, get comfy, start to fall asleep . . . you get the idea.

Let the road trippin' begin!


Kimberlee J. said...

Number five reminds me why I prefer taking road trips without my kids.

Hayley said...

Oh my goodness! Are you coming to see me?!
I hope so!
(Sometime, maybe?)
Love ya!

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