Tuesday, August 10, 2010

South Dakota

Our road trip on Friday took us to the Prairie of South Dakota!

The reason for our road trip . . . .  these two wonderful people - my Grandparents.

We have never lived close.
They had never met my children.
They had met Jason one time but he wasn't in the family yet.
I haven't seen them in --- let's just say it's been a long time.
It was so very special to introduce them to my kids.

I was nervous about how long we'd actually be able to spend at their place with four kids but it went amazingly well.
We stayed for 5 1/2 hours.
Ian is the same height as Grandma - we all got a kick out of that.

We had Grandpa laughing for a little while.

The kids drew pictures to give her and then Coleson pulled out his t-ball picture. He had packed one to give to her - I didn't even know it.

Memories are a strange thing.
I remembered the barn on the yard as a lot bigger.

Seeing my kids play with the same toys I used to play with in the basement was weird.
The pictures all over the house told so many stories.
The kids got a good laugh out of many of the pictures - Coleson was able to pick out Grammy (my mom) in a line up of all 6 Aunts and 7 grandkids senior pictures.
He said, "There she is, Grammy 's the one with the hair that goes down and flips up."
While saying it he demonstrated it with his fingers - so funny.
To me my Grandma hadn't changed much - yes older but still Grandma; super sharp lady.

I don't think Grandpa knew me but you could tell he enjoyed our visit.
He walked around the yard and told Jason some things about the farm.

And he wears the cutest shoes ever for a  89 year old man.
It was a quick trip but so very worth it!!!
Now when the kids get cards and presents from Great Grandma and Grandpa they'll know who it's from.

We stayed at my Aunt and Uncles.
This was definitely a house for boys.
They got to ride a little motorcycle.
It was a highlight for them all.

We turned the video camera off right as an "america's funniest home video" event occurred.
Coleson slowed and put his foot down to stop the bike but then somehow hit the gas again sending the bike forward and a tree branch sent him flat of his butt off of the bike.
Other than taking the wind out of him for a moment he was fine.
Knowing he was ok - it was hilarious.
The kids are always wanting to send in a video to that show and this could have been one to send.
Then Sunday we spent the day with my aunt and uncle at the river tubing, sitting by a fire, jet skiing and just hanging out.
It was so much fun.

Coleson was our boat driver for awhile.
Every single one of the kids loved being out on the tube.

The kids are now wanting a motorcycle for Christmas and they want to go tubing again.
Thanks Scott and Colleen for sharing all your toys and letting us crash at your house!!!
We had not planned on all the adventures but it made the trip memorable and fun!


Kimberlee J. said...

Do you have the perfect frame for that picture of you and your Grandma? That beauty needs to be out for all to see. I love it and speaking of love...those shoes of your grandpa's! I hope to have a smidge of whatever that's called when I'm his age. I better start practicing now. :)

Lisa said...

I just love old people! Your grandparents are so cute! What a great picture of all of you together and I love how she's got her arm wrapped around his. How long have they been married? LOVE his shoes too!

meg duerksen said...

that trip looks so comfy and REAL. like REAL feelings attached and emotions that you've had your whole life.
memories were made.

memories are always made when there is a motorcycle involved. :)

Cale and Kim said...

i love the pics of SD! reminds me so much of home. and your grandparents - they look like the sweetest people - and can I say they are so darn cute!!?? (respectfully of course =) i esp. love your grandpas shoes!

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