Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday's Five

New Weekly Post
Friday's Five
I'm a list girl.
Just am.
So I thought it would be fun to have a weekly post involving a list.
The list may be of things, thoughts, ideas, pics . . . . 5 whatevers.
It's just for fun.

Here's today's Friday's Five.

FIVE  reasons I'm a List Girl
1.  If I write it, I typically remember it.
2.  Once I've written something down on a list I free up space in my head. 
3.  Lists involve words and strangely I guess I like words.
4.  I love organization.
5.  The crossing off makes my heart SING!!

One more list of FIVE just since it's day one of this new category and because I can.

FIVE strange things I've been known to
 make a list of.
1. Movies I want to see sometime.
2.  Things I want to tell Jason next time we have a chance to chat without kids around.
3.  Snacks to make my kids.
4.  People we'd like to have over for dinner.  
5.  Gifts I'd love to receive from my guy sometime in life.  
( Gift giving is one of my love languages; this was super early on in marriage and he 
asked me too. I have no idea what I even put on that list. I'd love to see that list now.  )

What do you make lists of??

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