Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kids Craft

Kids projects.
Sometimes they are so fun.
Sometimes they are so messy.
Sometimes they are frustrating - let's just be honest.
Yesterday was one of those kinds of projects.
Not all of it was frustrating - it ended super well.
We did this paper tissue dragon project from Meg's blog.
I knew my boys would love it.
They did love the idea of the dragons.
We set up outside.
The wind didn't cooperate
So after we were ALL frustrated and after a bowl of glue flew away we went inside.
At that point I was ready to say let's just stop - this isn't going well.
But once you have four kids ready for a project you can't very easily call it quits without a mob on your hands.
So we got settled inside.
We forced through the frustrations of how to do the project.
Tearing instead of cutting was a little frustrating to some.
Then painting glue over a picture instead of on the back and sticking it down was a new concept too.
Finally everyone got in a groove and the creativity started to flow.
My boys always think outside the box with projects.
It's fun to watch them think.
They turned out cool and in the end it was fun.


I love the spectrum of clothing . . . some in pjs, some in dress up/dance attire, one in normal clothes.
I'm surprised we didn't have one in a swimsuit.

Here are the simple directions.

1. Find a place with no wind.
2. Mix reg. glue with water - you just want water down glue.
3. The kids tear pieces of colored tissue paper and lay it on the paper, painting over the tissue paper with the watered down glue.
4. Create a shape of a dragon or any shape really.
5.  Let dry then trace outline/trace with marker.
6. Cut out.

1 comment:

meg duerksen said...

crafty days are AWESOME.
and frustrating and crazy and sometimes awful.
but usually end up you said.
and they will remember the project being done....not the frustration.
i hope.
so glad you had fun!

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