Monday, August 2, 2010


It's a Monday.
The last 5 days we have been going at full speed ahead.
So fun.
I could show you pics of:
the Zoo
a Tea Party
a Bounce House
"putting up" (think that's how they say it around here) sweet corn
or cousins from afar loving on each other.
Or I could tell you about a list of other things we did that I didn't take pics of:
a kindergarten picnic
some shopping
some digital scrapbooking
ANOTHER unscheduled haircut for a certain adorable girl
or more time at the swimming pool
but just not gonna happen today.
We're tired today.
If you stopped in you'd find me in pjs and you'd look at all the toys everywhere and wonder if I just got out of bed.
Not true.
I've been crossing off the list (cause I'm a list girl remember?) and writing even more things down on the list that need to be done.
We won't get it all done today or even tomorrow but that's ok - slow and steady.
So today I leave you with this picture . . . . be a SUPERSTAR today.
Love someone today in a super way!

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