Thursday, May 13, 2010


After Tatum says something she has been adding this to the end. . . 
I don't recall saying that so I don't know where she heard it but she's been saying it a LOT lately.
I think it's for added intensity to whatever she's saying.
I think it makes her feel BIG like the big kids or it makes her feel as SMART as her brothers.
She seems to be trying to claim some power with her words.

Today I'm feeling tired and weak so I thought I'd give her method a try.
Here's some things I'd like to tell my kids today.

Being a mom is hard YA KNOW?
Band aids don't really take away the pain, it's all in your head YA KNOW?
When I say someone is going to get hurt, it usually happens YA KNOW?
Even if you ask for a snack 10 times right before lunch the answer is still no YA KNOW?
If you sleep a little longer in the morning you will be less grumpy YA KNOW?
It takes TWO people to argue so if YOU stop arguing with your brother the argument is over YA KNOW?
You really can wipe yourself YA KNOW?
Despite all the repetitive tasks and patience it takes to be your mom I DO LOVE YOU YA KNOW???

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Scott said...

This post really cracked me up.


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