Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sundays Thinking

Jason preached at a local church today.
It was a good message.
He spoke out of Isaiah 6: 1-8. Here's the summary.

God is HOLY. We are not HOLY. God does HOLY things through us anyway.

There were a several things that he said that stuck in my head. Their might have been more but I was sitting with three boys so remembering a few things is pretty good.  Maybe these will give you something to think on this week too . . . (they are in random order). . .

How often do we slow down to get rocked by the presence of our Creator?

How often do we stop in complete surrender and marvel at God?

Quote from book Missional Renaissance:  "We need to believe we are on a mission in the world and are partnering with God in blessing the people in our sphere of influence. We view life as a mission trip and order our own life around that view. For us, following Jesus does not involve adding a set of activities to your life. Following Jesus is life itself. Missional followers of Jesus adopt His example to live lives that are full-filled, not just filled full. "  
I have come that they may have life, and have it to the the full. John 10:10a

I want to be on a mission with you (God) right here right now. I want to be saturated by You.

What does it mean for us to partner with God in our day?

In the passage the prophet Isaiah is getting to peek around the heavenly curtain, so to speak, and get a glimpse of the Temple of God. He is so blown away by what he sees that when asked "Who shall I send?" he can't help but quickly reply "Send me." It's like a kid throwing his hand up in the air so quick saying "pick me pick me".
This made me think about myself.  The more I "peek around the curtain" and learn more about who God is the quicker I will want to respond to him with a "Yes, send me. I'll do it."

That's what I'm thinking about today.
Happy Sunday.

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Connie said...

Thanks for posting this, Nicole! Good stuff to think about and tell Jason that I miss hearing him preach and teach. Love you guys!

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