Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dance Girl

Tatum had her dance recital a couple weeks ago.
I was having camera issues so THANKFULLY Aunt Lisa and Grandma took some great pics.  Thanks!

Not only did we get to watch Tatum but we got to watch our two nieces too. 
Their dances were awesome! 
You never know what you'll get with Tatum's age group. 
She spent the first part of the dance looking for us with her hand on her forehead. 
She did finally start to dance - she had some GREAT moves but we weren't sure if any of them were in the routine. HA!
It was so fun to watch her enjoy herself, I didn't know if she would do much on stage. 
At home she goes to town but in rehearsal she didn't want to do it.
Daddy gave her flowers afterwards. 
She loved that.
She put them in a vase by herself and then wanted them on HER TABLE in HER ROOM!

These next two pics are from the rehearsal.

She is the one with her hands above her eyes.

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