Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pep Talk

Schools out on Friday!
I am ready for it.
Ready for the different routines and schedules.
BUT . . . .
I am trying to pep myself up for the TRANSITION TIME!
Do you know what I mean?
There's like 2 weeks or so where we all have to adjust and transition.
The sibling fighting increases before it decreases.
The pantry gets raided more often.
We all have to adjust to being together all day.
I have to adjust my exercise routines and figure out how to get all the normal stuff done while having fewer moments where I'm down in numbers.
I LOVE having ALL my kids home.
I LOVE summer and all it brings so for the next couple weeks I'm going to take deep breaths, have a few tricks or activities up my sleeve, go to bed earlier,  and remember that it's such a short season so I better jump feet first in and start enjoying it on DAY 1!
You can do it to!!
Let's go moms!
Bring on the SUMMER!


Lisa said...

You can do it! I'm sure the kids are excited for summer!

We tried 3 of your recipes this month. Loved all of them! Made the mexican chicken, taco squares and just had chicken crescent rolls tonight. Yummy!! It's always nice to find new things that are easy and my girls like too!

Sara W said...

I love summer as well and look forward to no school schedule but I also know that there will be days that are hard. Thanks for sharing this and for the pep talk.
Yes, Let's go Moms!

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