Friday, May 21, 2010

Our Own Holiday, Last Day of School, and Other Random Stuff

Today is our third annual self named holiday in our house . . .
Today we celebrate BROTHERS!!
Click HERE if you want to know how it came about.

Boys all headed out for donuts before school today and I'm sure at some point there will be card making and pictures drawn for one another.
Several weeks ago one of the twins said, "When is Brother's Day??"
I was so surprised they remembered it.
It's after Mother's Day so I think that triggered his memory.
Today is also the last day of school!
Ian has made some sweet comments this week.
Yesterday I said, "Today is your LAST FULL day of school."
He said, "I know. I'm kind of happy and I'm kind of sad."
Then last week when talking about school ending he said, "I sure am going to miss Mrs. Goff."
It's so nice to know he loves school and has had such a good year.
He had a very nice teacher!!
Today I'm thinking of a certain group of kids from my past!

The kids from my FIRST year of TEACHING are GRADUATING TODAY!!
I remember those kids like it was yesterday.
I had some very special memories with them - lots of FIRSTS for me.
They gave me such SWEET memories!
Part of my teaching philosophy/vision/goal that year was  . . . ."To create life long learners."
I hope they go on to be amazing adults and to be life long learners!!
Here's some pics of the last month of so of "end of year" activities.
2nd grade Field trip to the Museum, Preschool Field Trip to the Zoo  and Field Day!
All Super Fun!!

My Monkey Boys

Just look at those size 5 1/2 SHOES . . . I can wear his flip flops and he's a SECOND GRADER. AH!

Apparently someone thought I should have some artwork hung on the blank wall in the hallway.

We are off to a college graduation this weekend and to stay with Grammy and Gramps.
The three youngest have had back packs packed and in the van since YESTERDAY MORNING!!!
Oh to be a kid again and to have packing only take 10 minutes!!
Gotta go pack!!

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