Tuesday, May 4, 2010


2 more weeks of preschool.
3 more weeks of school.
I'm ready for a break from the school routine.
What I'm NOT ready for is . . .
I know there are 3 months (almost) of summer between school ending and kindergarten beginning for the twins but it feels like these last three weeks are the end of a HUGE part of my life.
It's the end of my mornings with three.
I find myself thinking all the time, "Have I enjoyed my mornings enough with them?"
They are going to love school but they love playing at home.
Their imaginations soar.
One morning I came into the front room to a full blown Dinosaur Museum.
They had been working very hard with tape, paper, scissors and more.
They had it all grouped together - they showed me where I could purchase coloring books if I wanted one or books of dinosaurs.
They even had a section where I could fill a bucket of dinosaurs to purchase.
My favorite was the 3D Dino scene - complete with a hanging velociraptor.

In four months their museum hours will change.
They'll only be open on Saturdays.
Sniff! Sniff!
In 4 weeks the management of the museum may make some changes too - the big chief ("big brother") will be home during museum hours and that changes things too.
I'm telling myself to enjoy these last weeks - take it all in - play - stop more - hug more - watch them more.
It's easy when they are off playing so well together to accomplish things but soon they'll be off learning for 8 hours a day!
I can accomplish things then - for now I'm going to the museum!

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