Monday, May 3, 2010


What are Mondays like for you?
Do you like them?
Eventhough some Mondays can be hard because you are just coming off of the weekend Mondays can be wonderful too!
Mondays are days when I REGROUP, get organized, put the house back together, look at what we have coming up and START FRESH!
I need a fresh start after a long week last week.
It was sort of a hard mothering week.
We all have them.
My Monday started off with a SURPRISE and who doesn't like surprises.
The kids and Jason gave me my Mother's Day gift EARLY!
I think that's a first.
I had breakfast and getting Ian off to school on my mind but in the mist of the morning routine we stopped and celebrated for a moment.
They decided they wanted me to have something to look forward to all week and I WILL!
They gave me a note they all did with their precious names written on it with personal touches from each of them.
The note was a little hard to read because they accidentally set it in water.
Jason thought they'd have to redo it but the kids told him they liked it this way; it looked like they water painted it they said, so they left it.
I like the extra touch.
The note let me know of a fun family activity we would enjoy for Mother's Day.
It's a simple activity but something I've always wanted to do as a family.
I love it that my man is creative and that he involves the kids in it.
Part of the note said I was going to get to pick where we eat.
Jason told me these were the comments the boys made when they decided this.

Coleson:  "I'll bet she picks Burger King."
Ian:          "No, she'll pick someplace nicer - like Arby's or something."

I love their thoughts!! You are right Ian, I will pick something nicer and Arby's IS nicer than Burger King but not sure that's what I'll pick, we'll just have to see. HA!

Hope your Monday is a FRESH START to your week!
(It's helps that it's sunny outside and their is very little wind. I think it could be called a breeze today!!)

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