Thursday, April 8, 2010


Do you have seasonal prayers?
Spring brings out different prayers for me.
God please keep the kids safe on their bikes.
Keep them from accidents that will break bones and have long term affects.
Help them remember to look for cars.
Remind drivers to slow down.
Help my kids to use common sense outside.
Protect them as they jump and climb on things.
I know we can't keep them from all harm.
Bumps and bruises will always happen, broken bones may too but I can't help but breathe prayers as I watch my kids explore the outdoors!
Each one of my kids are adventurous and I love that about them.
I don't want my fears to hinder them.
I want them to explore, learn new things, play like boys, have fun, and BE CAREFUL.

This picture terrifies me.  My mom took it.  I wonder if looking at it terrifies her too.  I was about Tatum's age when I fell off of a spiral slide VERY similar to this one. I was standing in the SAME place she is standing.  I fell over the rail. My brother came down the slide to see me lying on the ground. I had a handful of baby dolls that I was trying to carry up.   Each of my kids could tell you the story. I've told it to them so many times urging them to be careful.  All turned out well for me.  I spent some time in the hospital but I was ok.

I know my children's lives are in God's hand.
I know He is with them when I can't be.
I know He is watching them.
I know accidents will still happen.
I know I can't worry about everything but I can pray about everything and pray I will !
Lord, keep my daring, thrill seeking, adventurous sweet babies safe!

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