Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Fun - Lots of Pics

Lots of Easter Pics. . . . it was a fun weekend.
It's been years since we were with family for Easter.
It was fun.

**Tatum is crying ** Ian is trying to squint from the sun **

Tatum had a meltdown right before pictures.
It started over sunglassess but within seconds that had nothing to do with it.
I was ticked, not just because of the pictures, I could tell instantly it was the type of melt down that wouldn't be over in a couple minutes. I was right. It lasted until we drove up into the church parking lot where she took a deep breath, changed her voice to a friendly voice and announced, "I'm done crying now." Just like that it was over. AHHH!
Grammy did get two pics where Tatum smiled, she picked right back up where she left off after these two pics.

**Egg Hunts ** Dying Eggs ** Coach Gramps Baseball Clinic ** Cousins ** Outdoor Fun **

The boys took the Egg Hunt very seriously!

Egg Hunting Bleachers

We made this hunt a STICKER EGG HUNT. It was a hit with the kids and cut down on the sugar IMMENSELY!  They had a great time making a book of all their stickers after the hunt.
I did do the puzzle idea, that I saw in Family Fun Magazine, in their Easter Baskets too. They liked that. Most of the easter candy was gone by Sunday night. Just a few pieces left for Monday afternoon - then it was gone! (YES!)

Coach Gramps gave a baseball clinic to the boys on the college campus. That was really special.


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