Tuesday, April 6, 2010


 For the Easter weekend I got to hang out with CUTENESS!!
The whole Glanzer clan was together at my parents house.
In addition to my kids I got to hang with these three ADORABLE faces . . . . Avery, Olive, & Campbell
It's good having nieces.
If I wouldn't have had my own girl, hanging with these three could have been hard.
It was our first introduction to Miss Campbell Grace. (almost 2 months old)
Coleson can't just say Campbell, he always says "Campbell Grace".
Isn't she adorable?

        ** hopefully the cuteness of Campbell will draw your eyes away from my cheek fat**

Then there's the big sister who cracks me up with all her talking.
She tricks you . . . when she talks with you, you just know she's five and heading to kindergarten in the fall but she's TWO, makes it even cuter.
Tatum and her had a grand time playing together!

Miss Olive - what can I say?
I see her cheeks and her smile and can't resist - I have to smunch her. (yes I made that word up)
This is an age that gives me major baby fever. (7 months)
I don't want another baby, just my babies back to this stage.

**She REALLY wanted that Leapster . . . so Ian shared.** He is so good with her.**

It was a good weekend -- can't believe my brothers are daddies of girls and I have a household of mainly boys.  My brothers did prepare me for this world I live in.  They forget, but I have been saying the same things my whole life . . . "Who peed on the seat?" said it growing up and I'm still saying it. "Someone's gonna get hurt." Again, said it growing up and I'm still saying it.  Crazy how they didn't say those things growing up and they still aren't? They both have ADORABLE girls, all three of them!! Love you girls!

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