Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Season has Changed

Yesterday morning was a morning that I realized how much the seasons had changed - how far we've come since moving here in August.
I took Ian to school, wished him a great day, told him I loved him and out he hopped of the van.
He ran onto the play ground to his friends.
I sat in the van for a few minutes longer just watching him.
I watched him interact and play.
We had such a long winter, so for the past 5 months the kids haven't been on the playground in the mornings. They've been inside. But they are back outside now.
Sitting there in my van it hit me.
The season had changed.
The season of watching him head onto the playground to find his place among kids that have known each other their entire life had changed.
My heart no longer was POUNDING for him.
He's not the new kid anymore. 
He's at ease.
I'm so proud of him.
From the first day of school he has just taken it with stride.
He had his doubts, his concerns, he was nervous and unsure of what to do and what to say, he missed his old school and his old friends but everyday he would just hop out of the van, say I love you and go be himself regardless of who knew him.
He has always been brave when it comes to making new friends but he doesn't have me fooled.
I can make it look easy too.
From the time Ian was 3 years old and we would tell him of a new place we were going to he'd say things like, "I'll get to make a new friend."
When he was nervous about something new he'd say, "But it will be ok, I'll get to meet a new friend."
He has so much of his Daddy in him.
For all you momma's that have moved a child you know what I'm talking about.
You know how hard it is to watch your child go through the awkward new stage.
They have to do it on their own.
You want to do the first day FOR them.
You want to make friendships for them.
But you can't.
You can just sit in the van and observe as they awkwardly muddle through this stage.
It was a good morning.
I hadn't thought about it in awhile, but seeing him just mix in so easily just reminded me that we've come a long way.
HE has come a long way this year.
I'm SO proud of him - it's hard being the oldest - it's hard having to do all the "firsts" first but Ian does them well!
I love you Ian!

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Jamie Meacham said...

What a sweet little post. I love Ian too. Boy do I miss that kids and his fun personality, I don't have any quite like Ian this year and now no one laughs at my silly jokes or plays the fake guitar quite like he does. I am so glad he has found his place. He is a great kid and will go far in life! Tell him hello and that Mrs. Meacham still loves him!

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