Saturday, February 20, 2010

Under Construction

Tonight I started the slow process of making some changes on my blog.  I'm doing it myself so it may drag out.  I had wanted to just tell someone what I wanted and write them the check . . . I envisioned it all happening at once . . . kind of like an unveiling of a new product . . . not gonna happen so I'm taking it as a challenge.  It's going to happen piece by piece, all for FREE! So far tonight I have added several "html codes" to my blog and I feel like a techy! HA!!  It's all so intimidating but so far I haven't screwed anything up . . . yet?  I'm just warning you incase you see things that don't totally work or look out of place.  It's just me slowly giving my blog a face lift.   One thing I did manage to change is the "Oh The Things They Say" category that is usually on the sidebar.  You can now get to it by clicking on the link above.  All the old quotes are there and I'll keep adding to the list.  I also stumbled on a cool little extra . . . scroll down to the bottom and you'll see a silhouette of our fam! The possibilities are endless!!

1 comment:

Jamie Meacham said...

How do you learn all the tricks? I want to learn to sign my name, how do you do that?

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