Monday, February 22, 2010


I realize many of my recent posts are just words . . . not many pics.
I'll post some pics soon.
For tonight it's just words again . . . just some random thoughts before going to bed . . .

Random Thought Number #1
I WANT TO FIND MY REMOTE!!! It's lost and for the life of me I can't find it. I spent an hour looking for it tonight.  We all looked for it and YES I looked under the cushions in the couch - 3x.  I even looked in the dryer and my makeup bag???  We had the thing this morning and we haven't been home all day.  So I thought of all the 50 things I did in a matter of 30 minutes this morning and retraced my steps thinking maybe I put it in some strange place without thinking.  It's very possible!!    Coleson kept saying "why would it just walk away?" That's what I'm wondering too?

Random Thought #2
Whenever Jason is about to be out of town or when I'm embarking on a stressful season when I have to tackle things by myself my girlfriend always says "Time to put on your big girl panties Nic, you can do it!"
It makes me laugh every time . . . well Jason has been gone for over a week and I'm ready to take off those big girl panties.  I'd like to put on some small sexy ones.  HA!!

Random Thought #3
Why am I still up???? Seriously I should have gone to bed hours ago. This is what I do when my man is gone. I just avoid the 5 minutes when you have to shut the house down. The first several nights he was gone I was responsible and went to bed early, it makes everything better, but now I'm back to the bad habit.

Enough! Goodnight!


jason said...

I'll be home soon...not soon enough, though!!!

Jamie Meacham said...

love it! panties and all

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