Friday, February 19, 2010

Good Times!

This week I took all four kids to a basketball game at the college I graduated from  . . . . the same college both of my brothers went to . . . the same college I met and fell in love with Jason . . . the same college that my dad is now the president of!
It was a fun evening but my favorite moment was right before the game when the band plays and the team comes running out.
It's the same song and it brought back a flood of good memories.
My freshman year I remember seeing Jason dunk or make a good play and then looking at his girlfriend thinking, "If I was his girlfriend I would have cheered WAY louder!" HA!!
Yes I dreamed of dating him way before we ever started dating.
Those college days are long gone . . . . 10 1/2 years long gone to be exact but what good memories!!
Those are four years I would do again . . . not because I'd want to do them differently . . . I'd just do them again . . . such amazing times!!

1 comment:

Hayley said...

I'd do them again, too - right beside you. I can't imagine that I could have possibly had a better college experience - or a better roommate! Love ya!

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